About Us

Healthy Life Media Ltd is a company formed to specialize in creating helpful and beneficial healthy informative guides and websites, which will be a source of helpful information for consumers in the UK and internationally, therefore giving our readers access to key new developments, current information on new products and services, which people will need, currently for diabetes, allergies, food intolerances, gluten free and dairy free diets, along with dental treatments, and everyday advice to help people keep their pets healthy, and essential advice on the Environment and Sustainability for the future of our lives on planet Earth.

We have been working alongside The Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail Weekend for the last eight years, by distributing the Healthy Life Guide, which is a full colour tabloid supplement, directly to the readers of the Daily Mail Weekend tri-annually, along with the Healthy Pet Guide which is published in March, June and October every year, and biannually we also publish the CBD Wellness Guide, The Dental Guide with plans to publish the Healthy Planet Guide in 2021.

Healthy Life Media constantly offers a range of website solutions and publishing titles, and we will help companies and brands create profitable, sustainable, rewarding loyalty programmes with their new and existing customers. As a full service media publishing company and with the ability to work with the right companies, for all aspects of production including web design, editorial commissioning, advertising sales, creative layout designs and new artwork, this is very much the key to our success.
For more information, please contact us by email – info@healthylifemedia.co.uk , or call us on + 44 (0) 203 283 8199